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  • Jewel
    (cleaning instructions)

  • Burgundy

  • Hunter

  • Gold

  • Midnight
  • Aria

  • Sapphire

  • Mint

  • Plum

  • Ruby
  • Mixtures
    (cleaning instructions)

  • Burgundy

  • Desert
  • Solo
    (cleaning instructions)

  • Celery

  • Chili

  • Honey

  • Terra

  • Paprika

  • Teal

  • Chianti

  • Blueberry

  • Plum

  • Parsley

  • Midnight

  • Hunter
  • Naugahyde Spirit Millennium
    (cleaning instructions)

    For printed text areas, lighter colors should be used

  • Dark Cherry | Sangria

  • Crocus | Sage

  • Grotto | Forest

  • Paprika | Burgundy

  • Regimental Blue | Blue Ridge

  • Adobe White | Alabaster

  • Bristol Blue | Lilac

  • Parchment | Ivory

  • Doe | Emerald

  •                          Terra Cotta

Products By Big Cozy Books

Designed for safety, durability and fun, Big Cozy Books aren't all fun and games . . . we use fabrics and construction materials that withstand the wear and tear of lots of little feet and large groups. Customers of Big Cozy Books have absolute confidence that our products will continue to look great for years.

Below are our standard products and the standard colors each is available in. We are more than happy to customize your furniture titles and colors at an additional charge. If you have a new idea you’d like to discuss, or would like to obtain more information, please contact us. Visit our gallery page to see more of our collection.

NEW: The Reading TreeBook BenchesClosed Book BoothsOpen Book Booths
Two Person Love Seats2 Fanned Books3 Standing BooksTented Books
Open Flat BookStacked Book SetsEmerging BooksSteam Train
Ice Cream SandwichesToadstoolsGrape ClusterSeascapeRiver ThemeWall Art
Storybook Wall ArtStanding Wall ArtEntrywayPencilEraser
Colored Pencil SignsMini SetFloor Panels

  • ** NEW ITEM **
    The Reading Tree

    50”H x 38”W

    Combines beautifully with our River Theme products and looks especially good with our toadstools. Open top allows light for reading. Bench inside seats two children.

  • Hue (a soft, yet amazingly durable polyester)
  • Book Benches
    72" - 96"L x 18"W x 18"H

    The perfect height for sitting, our benches are available in 6', 7' and 8' lengths. The 6' bench is styled slightly different than the longer benches, with contrasting fabric at each end.

  • The Wind in the Willows – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Sage & Parchment

  • The Hobbit – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Terra Cotta & Parchment

  • Charlotte’s Web – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Regimental Blue & Bristol Blue

  • Little Red Riding Hood – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Dark Cherry & Parchment

  • Harry Potter – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Grotto & Parchment

  • The Cat in the Hat – 6’ shown
    (also available in 7’ and 8’)
    Blue Ridge & Adobe White

  • Wizard of Oz – 7’ shown
    (also available in 6’ and 8’)
    Crocus & Ivory

  • Treasure Island – 7’ shown
    (also available in 6’ and 8’)
    Paprika & Doe

  • Cinderella – 8’ shown
    (also available in 6’ and 7’)
    Crocus & Lilac

  • Robin Hood – 8’ shown
    (also available in 6’ and 7’)
    Forest & Doe
  • Closed Book Booths
    Single Closed: 48"L x 27"D x 36"H
    Double Closed: 48"L x 46"D x 36"H

    Designed for use with a table, our Booths are the perfect place for doing homework or projects.

  • The Call of the Wild
    Doe & Paprika Vinyl with Aria Sapphire,
    Blue Ridge & Parchment Vinyl back

  • A Wrinkle in Time
    Grotto & Parchment Vinyl with Aria Ruby,
    Claret & Parchment Vinyl back

  • The Call of the Wild
    Doe & Paprika Vinyl with Aria Sapphire,
    Blue Ridge & Parchment Vinyl back

  • A Wrinkle in Time
    Also available as Double Closed Book Booth
  • Open Book Booths
    Double Open: 48"L x 45"D x 36"H
    (Available in Double Open style only)

    Our booths are designed for standard height tables (29 inches), for comfortable work top level.
    48"L x 30"W x 29"H

  • Robin Hood
    Multicolored with Adobe White Vinyl

  • Typical seating arrangement
  • Two Person Love Seats
    50"L x 32"D x 38"H

    Our Love Seats are the perfect spot to read to a child, or stretch out with a good book. Extremely comfortable and well built, with attractive styling from all sides.

    "How The West Was Won" is built just like our other Love Seats, with a little more detail. Beautifully tooled-leather look on the arms, coordinating corner accents, and parchment pages rather than white, come together for an antique appearance.

  • The Giving Tree
    Aria Plum & Solo Celery
    with Adobe White Vinyl

  • The Giving Tree (front)
    Aria Plum & Solo Celery
    with Adobe White Vinyl

  • Robinson Crusoe
    Jewel Midnight & Solo Chili
    with Adobe White Vinyl

  • Gulliver’s Travels
    Jewel Hunter & Solo Paprika
    with Adobe White Vinyl
  • 2 Fanned Books
    34"L x 34"W x 32"H

    Use as a free-standing piece or incorporated into a floor plan. Check out our "Larger Spaces" on our gallery page.

  • Solo Chili

  • Solo Teal
  • 3 Standing Books
    28"L x 23"W x 32"H

    This looks great as a stand-alone accent piece, or added to a floor plan for visual height. Please see our "Larger spaces" on our gallery page for floor plan examples.

  • Solo Chili

  • Solo Teal

  • Solo Chianti
  • Tented Books
    35"L x 33"W x 30"H

    Adults and children love to sit on the floor and read. The Tented Book partners perfectly with Floor Panels for a comfortable place to enjoy a book.

  • Aria Sapphire with Adobe White Vinyl

  • Mixtures Burgundy with Adobe White Vinyl
  • Open Flat Book
    31"L x 42"W x 7"H

    Kids love our giant "Once upon a time" books!

  • Available in Chili (shown), Honey, or Chianti
    with Adobe White Vinyl
  • Stacked Book Sets
    Top: 55"L x 40"W x 9"H
    Bottom: 60"L x 44"W x 9"H

    These huge books, 5 feet long, offer a great place to relax and read. Use as a stand-alone statement or add to a floor plan.

  • Jewel Midnight & Solo Chili

  • Jewel Hunter & Solo Paprika
  • Emerging Books
    56"W x 28"D x 26"H

    Designed to be leaned on from any of the three sides, our Emerging Books have been a huge hit ever since they started popping out of the floor! Like our Tented Book, these are most comfortable when combined with a floor panel.

  • with binding:
    Jewel Burgundy with Doe & Burgundy Vinyl

  • without binding:
    Mixtures Desert with Matching Vinyl
  • Steam Train
    Engine: 78”L x 19”W x 20”H
    Caboose: 64”L x 18”W x 22”H
    Additional cars are standard benches with wheels: 6’, 7’, 8’L x 18”W x 18”H

    Our train can be used separately or partnered with a “Boxcar Book” or two, and a Caboose. Wheels are for decoration only and do not turn.

  • Engine
    Emerald, Black, and American Beauty Vinyl

  • Engine, Boxcar, and Caboose
    Emerald, Black, and American Beauty Vinyl
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    60”L x 24”W x 18”H

    Top is upholstered in a polyester fabric that is soft to the touch yet remarkably durable and easy to clean. The ice cream is the same Naugahyde vinyl we’ve used for years, also strong and easily cleaned. Add a little fun to your room! The top opens up for storage.

  • Vanilla
    Hue (a soft, yet amazingly durable polyester)
    with Adobe White Vinyl

  • Neapolitan
    Hue (a soft, yet amazingly durable polyester)
    with Naugahyde Vinyl
  • Toadstool Seats and Toadstool Set
    Seats: Standard 16"H and 21" across | Mini 12"H and 16" across
    Table: Small 19 3/4"H x 30"D | Large 29 1/2"H x 32"D

    Toadstool Seats can be ordered separately or as a set with matching table.

    Small Table is designed for use with Mini Toadstool Seats.
    Large Table is designed for use with Regular Toadstool Seats.

  • Toadstool Seats
    (One Standard and Two Mini Seats shown)
    Red Vinyl top with white polka dots
    Parchment Vinyl base

  • Toadstool Set
    (One Small Table and Two Mini Seats shown)
    Red Vinyl top with white polka dots
    Parchment Vinyl base
  • Grape Cluster
    Grapes are 16" in diameter and vary in height from 3"-6"

    Grape leaves with loose grape seating which can be easily repositioned to suit your needs.

  • Grapes are Burgundy Vinyl
    Leaves are Hue Fern
  • Seascape
    Shown approximately 12’W x 18’L, with each creature roughly 4’L

    Your Seascape can be customized to suit your library if needed. Fabrics are highly durable and easily cleaned.

  • Floor panels: Solo Blueberry;
    Starfish: Solo Sunshine
    Sea Turtle, Dolphin, & Clownfish: Hue
    (a soft, yet amazingly durable polyester)

  • Floor panels: Solo Teal; Starfish: Solo Sunshine
    Sea Turtle, Dolphin, Clownfish & Nautilus: Hue
    (a soft, yet amazingly durable polyester)
  • River Theme
    Shown approximately 12’W x 12.5’L
    (shown with Log 6’L; Stump 33”L x 29”W x 19"H; Stepping Stones 14”W x 26”L x 8”H)

    Already have some of our giant book furniture in a sister library and want to do something a little different? We’re proud to introduce our River Themes. The Stepping Stones, Logs, and Stumps are upholstered in an amazingly durable polyester material. Every one is different and built up by hand. Logs are available in various lengths. Toadstools are in vinyl. Your River Theme can be customized to suit your library. Fabrics are highly durable and easily cleaned.

  • Floor panels: Solo Parsley & Solo Blueberry
    Log, Stepping Stones, and Stump: Hue
  • Wall Art
    36"L x 12"W x 15"D

  • with binding: Hunter & Doe Vinyl (shown right)
    without binding: Solo Chili (shown left)
  • Storybook Wall Art
    16"W x 20"H x 5"D

    Our storybooks beg imaginations to wonder, “What’s behind that cover?” From Frankenstein trying desperately to open his cover, to the beanstalk woven through the binding and reaching for the clouds, these pieces will inspire young readers! Sold individually, we offer this set of six and would love to hear your feedback. Wall mounting hardware included. Book measurements do not include adornments. Cotton canvas covers with vinyl trim.

  • Alice in Wonderland
    Blue Canvas with Gold Vinyl

  • Frankenstein
    Black Canvas with Silver Vinyl

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
    Red Canvas with Gold Vinyl

  • Rapunzel
    Blue Canvas with Navy Vinyl

  • Robin Hood
    Green Canvas with Gold Vinyl

  • Captain Hook
    Tan Canvas with Gold Vinyl
  • Standing Wall Art
    48"H x 22"W x 11"D

  • The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella,
    & Huckleberry Finn

    Colors as shown
  • Entryway

    Our Entryways are built to suit your needs and can be made any width. Perfect for an entrance or to divide one section from another. Various fabrics, colors and titles are available.

  • This is a half scale example of an Entryway that would finish 10’ tall, 4’ deep, and span 20’

  • This is the view from the opposite side of a typical Entryway
  • Pencil
    68" to 93"L x 5" diameter

    Everyone loves our Pencils! When it is incorporated into a floor plan, it is permanently attached to a Book Bench with seat belt straps and steel rods. We know from experience kids are only too happy to smack their friends with it! If you prefer to hang yours from the ceiling or other high spot, we're happy to build it without attachment straps.

  • No. 2
    Golden Corn Vinyl
  • Eraser
    36"L x 13"W x 5"H

    Check out the Pink Pearl detailing on this realistic pink suede eraser cushion. It is made with an easily cleanable polyester microfiber fabric and cut in traditional eraser shape.

  • Pink Pearl
    Pink Microfiber Suede
  • Colored Pencil Signs
    60"L x 3½" diameter

    Built to look like giant colored pencils, simply choose your colors and titles. Available in purple, indigo, green, yellow, orange and red. Lettering can easily be replaced at a later date, should your needs change. These are designed as hanging signage, not as seating like our other products. Titled on two sides.

  • ABS Plastic & Wood
    (shipped with eye hooks installed)
  • Mini Set
    Mini Book Bench: 48”L x 14”W x 14”H
    Mini Floor Panel: 48”L x 48”W x 3”H
    Mini Tented Book: 29”L x 27”W x 25”H
    Eraser: 36"L x 13"W x 5"H

    Designed for the younger set, toddlers through pre-school age can learn early to curl up and enjoy a good book. Items sold individually and built to the same structural standard as our full size furniture.

  • Solo Blueberry, Chili, Plum or Teal for any item, except Eraser only in Pink Suede
  • Floor Panels

    Each panel has a maximum size of 48" x 96" and can be cut to fit your area at no additional charge.
    Floor Panels offer an incredible amount of seating area at a reasonable cost. We often hear that they're also a great help in quieting a room. Call us for help in designing an area to perfectly fit your space.
    Available in Solo Teal, Blueberry, Plum or Midnight.

  • This set is for a middle school with their mascot as a title. Note how the floor panels are cut to fit around the various pieces.

  • What a perfect place for story time!
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