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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

BIG COZY BOOKS Terms and Conditions supercede any others which may be presented by a customer as part of a request for quote or bid proposal. Any variance from these published "Terms and Conditions" must be negotiated with BIG COZY BOOKS and accepted in writing. Orders are accepted by BIG COZY BOOKS only under the following terms and conditions.


BIG COZY BOOKS warrants that its prices bid, quoted or charged to any customer do not exceed those billed to any of its favored customers, whether they be government agencies, institutions, or the general public, for the same items in like or comparable quantity, quality, or specification, within the same timeframe and product warranties established. BIG COZY BOOKS is a small business.

PAYMENT Terms of payment are net 30 days from delivered date for established accounts. Until credit has been established, payment terms are 50% on order placement, 50% net 30 days from delivered date. Invoices paid within 15 days of billing will accrue an additional 90 days warranty. Invoices more than 15 days in arrears are subject to a warranty penalty equal to 90 days subtracted from the standard warranty period.

PRICES Prices are net and are subject to change without notice. All quoted or published prices are F.O.B. Livermore, CA., and do not include insurance, special handling charges, etc. No provision has been made for withholding or collecting various out-of-state SALES, USE or EXPORT taxes. Compliance with applicable tax regulations is the responsibility of the Purchaser. Formal quotations will be honored for 60 days unless otherwise specified. Minimum invoice is $150.00.

ORDERING The Product Name as shown on the BIG COZY BOOKS catalog or quote sheets should always be indicated. When specific information is required, it should be described fully. BIG COZY BOOKS will be pleased to quote on non-cataloged or special items. Orders placed by phone to BIG COZY BOOKS or BIG COZY BOOKS' Representative must be confirmed in writing. The Purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of unconfirmed orders.

ACCEPTANCE, REVISIONS, & CANCELLATIONS All orders, negotiated items, and conditions of sale are subject to acceptance by authorized BIG COZY BOOKS personnel only. Design changes and/or modifications applicable to items on order will be subject to negotiable charges depending upon the non-recoverable expenses incurred. Orders for catalog or non-catalog items may be cancelled by the Purchaser upon payment to BIG COZY BOOKS of the non-recoverable expenses incurred prior to cancellation. Any changes to your order must be made 30 days prior to the ship date to avoid rework and/or storage charges.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY Unless instructions are specified by the Purchaser, shipping will be determined by BIG COZY BOOKS. All shipments are prepaid and insured and these charges will be added to respective invoices. Should damage occur during shipment, the Carrier should be notified immediately as to extent of damage in accordance with their regulations regarding same. It is suggested that units received in packages showing damage be inspected at once. Shipping material should be held until contents have been accepted or until claim is settled. Upon subsequent notice of damage, liability will be determined under BIG COZY BOOKS' warranty. (See RETURNS) BIG COZY BOOKS accepts no responsibility for late deliveries due to delays caused by: strikes, shipments lost during transit, casualties, acts of God, or any situation beyond BIG COZY BOOKS' control.

WARRANTY BIG COZY BOOKS warrants its products to be free from defect in material and workmanship. The limit of liability under this warranty is to repair and/or replace any device or part thereof within one year from delivery to the original Purchaser. BIG COZY BOOKS reserves the right of final determination as to the existence and cause of any defect under this warranty. BIG COZY BOOKS' Sales Department must authorize all Warranty returns (See RETURNS). Warranty is validated, in writing, upon receipt of payment. This warranty does not apply to any product which has been altered or improperly installed, or which has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, modification, or by reason of being conveyed, stored or operated under extreme and unreasonable environmental conditions of temperature, humidity or vibration; or when subjected to operational conditions beyond reasonable or published rating. BIG COZY BOOKS shall under no circumstances be liable for loss of profit or any other collateral or consequential damages, or for injuries which may result from the handling or use of its products. BIG COZY BOOKS reserves the right to make design changes without obligation to make changes to units previously sold. This warranty is the extent of the obligation or liabilities assumed by BIG COZY BOOKS with respect to its products. BIG COZY BOOKS neither makes, nor authorizes any additional guaranty or warranty concerning its products.

RETURNS No returns for any reason shall be made without authorization from BIG COZY BOOKS. Upon receipt of notification, BIG COZY BOOKS will advise Purchaser of procedure for return. Original purchase order number, BIG COZY BOOKS' invoice number, date received and product name, and complete details concerning reason for return are to be included. Under Warranty- Upon receipt of authorized return, BIG COZY BOOKS will examine the product. If the responsibility for repair rests with BIG COZY BOOKS, the unit will be repaired or replaced under the terms of our warranty. If the responsibility rests with the Purchaser, BIG COZY BOOKS will estimate replacement or repair cost, and proceed with the work when written authorization is received. For Repair- Products that are out of warranty or have been damaged while under warranty will be repaired if economically feasible. Upon receipt of an authorized return, BIG COZY BOOKS will estimate repair costs and delivery date and will notify Customer. Written authorization is required before repairs are made. For Credit- Under certain conditions a BIG COZY BOOKS product charge for any non-recoverable expenses on any product returned for credit may apply. BIG COZY BOOKS' return policy does not include credit for non-cataloged items or products of a special nature.

Customers wishing additional information concerning TERMS & CONDITIONS may contact:

2374 Research Drive
Livermore, CA 94550

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